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Consistent and Reliable San Diego, CA Home Care

We are a full-service home care company that assists seniors in maintaining independence at home, keeping them socializing in their communities, and supporting Adult Children by ensuring their parents are well cared for and are thriving at home.

Compassionate and Nurturing San Diego home care

Devoted Caregivers provides the highest quality of care and support. We treat our clients and their families with dignity, respect, and compassion while maximizing the quality of life for our clients and their families. Our devoted team of professionals who are caring, trained, and empathetic to our clients’ needs, concerns and fears treat our clients with the utmost care and concern.

We believe that having some control and decision-making, as well as responsibilities, provides a “life purpose” for our clients. At Devoted Caregivers, our main concern is the quality of life for all individuals we serve. Aging, disabilities, and surgeries can bring new challenges that can often be overwhelming. Our team of caregivers specializes in care Management and in-home care services.

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Attentive Care From San Diego Caregivers 

When the needs of the individual change we change with them, if they need more skilled care in the home, one of our screened skilled home health partners will assist as we monitor the situation. If the Senior needs to leave their home, we can assist in relocation and giving them options on what they can do based on their condition, their financial situation, and their social needs of a community.

With Devoted Caregivers San Diego, you can trust our long-term companionship. Many home care companies struggle to maintain consistency and they experience a high turn-over rate among their caregivers. With Devoted Caregivers, this is not the case. We are truly devoted to those in our care, and each of our caregivers considers you a part of our family.

Our Leadership Team

Yazmin Rousse

Owner & CEO

Yazmin was born and raised most of her life in San Diego. She has dedicated her working career to helping others’ quality of life. She started as a caregiver while attending nursing school. Thanks to caregiving experience she decided to specialize in geriatric care and hospice care. Yazmin has experience working with the biggest home care agencies in San Diego, helping her better assess Elder needs and care. She noticed that hiring the best of the caregivers and training them at her standards, and taking care of them, will portray that caring to the clients. The love of helping others made Yazmin to build her own company from the ground up, to assure the best quality of life possible to as many individuals in her community. Devoted Caregivers demonstrates just how devoted Yazmin is to her community and to the values she holds dear.

Carlos Rousse

Director of Sales

Carlos was born and raised in San Diego and has been a successful business owner at the age of 28. He thrives for great customer service and client satisfaction. One of the reasons why Carlos decided to be part of Devoted Caregivers was to be closer to his community who saw him grow and shaped the man he is now. Being part of this team is a way to give more to the community and help those in need and is true to the devoted caregivers’ morals and values.

Aneida Rodriguez

Recruiting & Staffing Coordinator

Aneida is 23 years old and was born and raised in San Diego. Making a difference in people lives is crucial for her. As a member of Devoted Caregivers, her goal is to get to know and assist others in the most helpful way. She has confidence in ourselves to which we can make a difference in someone’s life. Aneida knows that she can most definatly make a positive impact with Devoted Caregivers and our community by being empathetic, supportive and respectful.  

Three steps to senior independence and peace of mind for you


CALL OUR OFFICE AT (619) 856-4320

Our friendly staff are waiting to take your call and answer all your questions.



This will allow us to create a personal care plan with your unique needs in mind.



Enjoy the companionship of a certified caregiver and continue thriving at home.

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Feel confident leaving them at home. Enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re not alone.

We understand that you’re concerned for their safety and happiness. You know they prefer to stay home, but even though you want to, it’s impossible to remain by their side 100% of the time. You may feel you have to sacrifice their happiness for their safety… but Devoted Caregivers San Diego can make both possible!

Our caregivers are supervised by our local owner and registered nurse, and we are devoted to establishing a safe and supporting environment for your loved one. They can have happiness and safety as Devoted Caregivers San Diego caregivers provide the companionship and care they need.

Our in-home care takes into account the whole person – body, mind, and soul – so no part of their health is lacking or neglected. You can let them stay home with confidence and trust that we will give them the best care possible to meet every need.

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